Bukom Fitness & Physio

The Bukom Fitness & Physio is a fitness training cum health facility at the Trust Sports Emporium. As the name implies, it has two sections, a Physiotherapy Center and a Fitness Club.

The Physiotherapy Center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and manned by professionals with extensive experience in the treatment of sport related conditions. It has VIP and Standard Sections.

The Fitness Club is a members-only club which offers fitness, bodybuilding and healthy lifestyle related activities for its members. Guest and Walk-in members are also welcomed. Members can subscribe to various sessions including aerobics, boxercise, strengthening and toning etc. The Fitness Club is manned by an internationally trained Master-Coach with a team of Instructors.

The two sections of The Bukom Fitness & Physio provide a much needed support for the development of sportsmen and women at the Trust Sports Emporium.



Find out what is happening at The Bukom Fitness & Physio. Click here if you wish to be a member of the Fitness Club or make enquiries about the Physio Clinic.


14 October 2018



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